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Picture courtesy of Txuca / Feat Katy Gunn

This project is a side note to real life. I have been spending a lot of time playing music and hanging out in the music community & These small live videos are an attempt to capture a few rare moments with good friends and musicians. These are all people I can't help to fall a little bit in love with when they are playing.

Christina Maria Aka Rykka a Sunday morning Berlin

The videos have surfaced from hanging out with good people and exchanging dynamics, creative inputs and music.

A part from that I am using the videos to get under the skin of my Canon Hv30 and my homebuild lens-adapter. These are all extremely quick and plesant small exersices to become comfortable with my camera and shooting music live in a natural setting.

All picture and sound has been recorded live on the scene. See all the videos HERE.

Il Tempo Gigante / Rehersal room Copenhagen